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Practical and directly applicable professional information: that is what farming professionals all over the world are looking for. This is why Roodbont Publishers specialise in high-quality, practical, professional information with the correct combination of text and images. To this end, we work with top experts worldwide who know exactly what is happening on the farm from day to day, now and in the future.

Business editions
The information presented in our books is useful for organisations and companies that see it as one of their tasks to increase the knowledge of their customers and support their management. This way they can enhance their connection with their customers, while farmers can raise their businesses to a higher level. Therefore Roodbont Publishers offer companies to have their own customised edition.

More than books
Another important characteristic of our books, such as our best-sellers in the 'Cow Signals' and 'Pig Signals'-series, is that they are part of a broader information concept. Besides books, we also provide customised websites, workshops, posters, magazines and on-farm training sessions.

Publishers: bookrights
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More information
If you would like more information about your own business edition or other - customised - products, please contact us at: We will do our utmost best to fulfill your wishes!


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