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Great content is the key to better business. That’s our belief at Roodbont Agricultural Publishers. Based in the Netherlands we deliver unique knowledge to farmers and their business partners worldwide. Our well-grounded knowledge helps farmers to focus on their farm management. Whereas their business partners use our content for their content marketing strategies. Either way: we make farming knowledge profitable. By obtaining access to the best practical knowledge, farmers can keep improving their farming methods. Better farming methods lead to better meat, better dairy and better crops: a better quality of life.

Evidence-based, easily digestible & boosting your bottom line
Farmers, their advisors, their suppliers and their governments share with us their need for the best practical knowledge. We are passionate about meeting this need and introduced the ‘Signals series', such as Cow Signals®, Pig Signals®, Poultry Signals® and Crop Signals®. We provide farmers with evidence-based and easily digestible information. Presented in a visually attractive way and supported by useful images and photographs. Our Signals® concept has proven itself for the last 10 years as the no nonsense and practical approach that provides farmers with a better income. 

There’s nothing like it
Today we are proud to deliver our knowledge to farmers and their suppliers in over 50 countries and in more than 30 languages. Our content is powered by leading thinkers and experts from around the world. They put together unique content that is shared - and re-shared - by using a variety of powerful tools. Our books and lectures inform and confront in a pleasant way. Our training sessions, workshops and videos are informative and practical. As mentioned: business partners use our content for their content marketing strategies. As organisations deliver consistent, on-going valuable and relevant information to buyers, they ultimately reward them with their business and loyalty. More than seventy per cent of farmers say sharing Signals® content makes them feel closer to the sponsoring company.

Roodbont Agricultural Publishers & you
To bring the Roodbont content to life, there is a world of possibilities. Understanding farmers’ needs allows us (and our business partners) to provide know-how that will appeal directly to these farmers, delivered through the media they use and in a language they speak. So, how can we help you?

Please keep sharing your inspiring ideas with us. Together we make farming knowledge profitable!

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